Quick Keys

Mouse LeftDraw
Ctrl + Mouse LeftDraw Shape
Mouse RightForce
Mouse ScrollZoom
Mouse Scroll when pasting imageScale Image
Mouse Scroll over key buttonsScroll Key Buttons
Shift + Mouse ScrollAdjust draw radius
Ctrl + Shift + Mouse ScrollAdjust shape thickness
Mouse MiddlePan Camera
Up, Down, Right, LeftCan be used with specific sand (Reaction Rules)
Num Keys 0-9Select Draw Sand, Select alternate by holding LShift
BSwitch Color Mode
ESelect Empty
FToggle Gravity
ISave Image
LExplode at mouse (when not paused)
MSwitch Draw Mode
QQuery Sand
RCenter Camera
UToggle UI
ZReset Zoom
SpaceStep simulation once when paused
EscSettings (Or exit editor)
Ctrl + TSwitch between draw shapes
Shfit + TToggle between Rect and Circular Shape
Ctrl + XClear Sand
Ctrl + NNew Map
Ctrl + EOpen Editor
Ctrl + ROpen Rule Editor
Ctrl + SSave current file
Ctrl + DIn Function Editor: Duplicate
Ctrl + C / VIn Function Editor: Copy & Paste
Ctrl + ZWhen paused: Undo
Ctrl + Shift + ZWhen paused: Redo

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