From the left panel you can open the Editor.


You can tweak sand name, visuals, physics and movement behavior and finally Reaction rules. You can create new sand, and remove sand.


Move To

The simulation will initially try to move sand from A to B. If it cannot, it will query for an alternative position. Based on empty space around, sand will move there instead. This is dependent though on the checkboxes you've selected for your sand material.

move to

Basic sand material will try to move diagonally if it cannot move to the destination. Water can attempt movement horizontally as well. Or to all directions.

You can inspect sand by removing all the Move To checkboxes and see it piling as pillars.

pillars of sand

Or see regular sand as piling in a pyramid like shape.

pyramid sand.

Sand which attempts to move to all directions, will slowly spread even if its liquidity is 0.0. But to allow more liquid like movement, tweak the physics parameters instead.

Physics Parameters

GravityHow gravity force affects sand (-1.0-1.0)
ForceHow external force affects sand (-1.0-1.0)
RadiusHow large sand is (affects movement & visuals), (0.5-3.0)
DensityHow dense sand is (affects physics forces)
LiquidityHow liquid sand is (affects physics, 0.0 == solid, 0.0-2.0)
ViscosityHow honey like liquid sand is (0.0-100.0)
DragHow fast sand slows down over time (0.0-1.0)


Plain sand will only behave like liquid or solid, and will not interact with other sand. For this we've implemented the Rule Editor. You can access it from the Reaction section in the editor.

rule editor

Add, or remove Characteristics for your sand to bundle behavior between various sand. For example, both lava and fire can have a characteristic BURNS. Both ice and water can COOLS.

In the Rule Editor you can then add behavior to sand based on whether they touch other sand.

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