With left mouse, you can draw currently selected sand.

Select sand by clicking the key buttons. Scroll over the key buttons to access all 20 key bindings.

Right-click the key buttons to bind another sand to that button. Save your map to save the key bindings.


Draw settings

Select draw radius, shape and other settings from the left panel. You can also quick-color your sand from here.


Draw Mode

Select draw modes also from the left panel. You can mirror what you draw on x, y and xy axis. And also mirror on four of the canvas quarters.

Right-click the draw mode button to select mode, or Left-click to toggle the next mode.


Undo & Redo

When in paused state, you can Undo or Redo up to 50 steps. The undo is done by saving snapshots after following actions:

  • Draw
  • Draw Shape
  • Clear
  • Step Once (when paused)
  • Paste Image
  • Load Random Image

You can Undo with Ctrl + Z, and Redo with Ctrl + Shift + Z. The history is cleared if you unpause the simulation.

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